Village Assist Community Circle

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our
Village Assist Community Circles!

ETV’s Village Community Circles are supportive and compassionate spaces designed to empower community members to achieve their goals for more joyful living and balanced lives as they overcome emotional and mental health challenges.

That is why we are assembling cohorts of up to 15 women, men and youth to form intimate and supportive groups, facilitated by Licensed Therapists who are skilled and empathetic wellness professionals.

Women's Healing Circle

Dr. Cassandra Hutchins

Women’s Healing Circle, Lead Facilitator

Men's Healing Circle

Tosin Akindele, LCSW

Men’s Healing Circle, Lead Facilitator

  • What to expect
    • Supportive Environment: Our circle is a judgment-free zone where participants can express their thoughts and feelings without fear of criticism.
    • Professional Guidance: A licensed therapist will lead each session, offering valuable insights and evidence-based strategies to navigate challenges and promote personal growth.
    • Small Group Dynamics: With a limited group size of 15 individuals, you'll have the opportunity to build genuine connections and form a close-knit community
    • Format: 12 sessions will be conducted under a hybrid framework with some meetings in-person and others conducted virtually via Zoom.
  • Why Attend?
    • Develop Tools & Resources to support your wellness journey.
    • Experience the Power of Community: Break free from the chains of isolation and discover the strength that comes from shared experiences and understanding.
    • Manage Stress: Explore the mind/body connection and how to embrace a balanced lifestyle.
    • Overcome Anxiety & Depression: Our therapeutic approach aims to equip you with practical tools and coping mechanisms to navigate the challenges you face.
  • How to Participate

    Please confirm your interest by clicking below to schedule your free 20-minute introductory one-on-one consultation with the lead facilitator via Zoom. You will discuss your interest in the Healing Circle, as well as assess whether it will support your needs.

    Registration is first come, first served.

    Women's Healing Circle Men's Healing Circle
  • How to Support

    ETV funds this program through grants and donations. Participants are asked make nominal donations towards the 10-12 week/session program.

    Donate Now

Did You Know...?

2 out of 3 Black adults suffering from mental illness did not receive treatment
Nearly 65% of Black youth report traumatic racial experiences, contributing to higher rates of PTSD, depression, and anxiety. In recent years, the rate of suicide in the Black community has also continued to climb
Black adults below the poverty line are 2X more likely to report serious psychological distress than others.


1 in 6 US youth aged 6-17 experience mental health disorder each year.

Sources: US Dept. of Health & Human Services, National Institute of Health, NAMI

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